Minggu, 18 September 2011

Special Education, Qualified Community Rights Indonesia

Our education is never free from trouble. Polemic by polemic after another appeared and interrelated. Initially the problem arises fate of the teacher, then emerged about a damaged school buildings, and finally issues the ability of school fees became a serious problem in education. Virtually even, about the cost could be a major issue in education in Indonesia. Indeed, the problems facing society is the cost of education and greatly affects the quality of education. Due to the cost of education, making people below the poverty line are not able to finance their children's education. In fact, the government wants to complete the compulsory nine years or fair.

If the funding issues were not getting the attention of the fair program that has been set certainly will not be realized.
 Many children drop out of school because parents can not afford to finance their schools. Kecenderunganya, our government today difficulty paying attention to the problems of education. Moreover, the number of natural disasters and calamities that befall this country to make the government should tighten its financial belt to manage budgets. So someone has to be a victim and one of the education budget.This can be seen from the national education budget is still well below the required budget. Although the National Education System Law has been established for the education budget should be at 20 percent of the total state budget.

However, the current budget allocation of a new national pendirikan realized about 14 percent of the total state budget.
 Indeed, the condition of our national education budget is still in its early stages concerned. This is due to the fact that the budget should be channeled into the education sector but it is reserved for the political sector.

We are aware, there are many other sectors that must be considered by the state to be granted a budget through the policies of liberalization.
 However, policies that can encourage the rapid advancement of education should remain diperioritaskan by the government. If not, then the education will continue to be in a crisis of quality and far behind other developing countries. Quality of education in Indonesia should be increased as the development of science and technology. Indonesia has been lagging far behind the neighboring countries in improving the quality of education and must be overcome. One way to do by the government there is no other way simply by increasing the budget for education in the state budget / budget (based on 45 Constitution and Law 20/2003) of 20 percent. Actually, the percentage of education budget is still far behind from the education budget that reached overseas by 40 percent. Education funds in foreign countries rose beyond salary and education service and contributions from employers primarily to finance the research. If so, how little our education budget.

Good education, quality and cheap become one of Indonesia's dream community in the midst of our education in the middle of a crisis of confidence.
 Although the government now has a policy of â? Omenggratiskanâ? teaching and learning activities in public schools, but in reality there are many schools that collect money to students with a variety of reasons. One of the ways that often do is make a study tour program, attracting money guidance tests, and money associated with the national final exams.

Improved quality of education will only succeed if it really emphasized the independence and creativity of students in the school open it by creating a myriad of extracurricular programs super tight with the educational goals beyond cost â? Owahâ?.
 A quality education is measured from this position is seen to join the intellectual life of the nation and promote national culture. Education is successful when young people are able to form an intelligent, character, moral and personality in accordance with the educational goals set forth in the Constitution 45. Therefore, it designed an educational system that is able to create an atmosphere and a fun learning process, stimulate and challenge learners to develop themselves in an optimal fit with the talents and abilities. Provide opportunities for individual learners to develop optimally. Quality of education will be more successful if supported by adequate facilities and equipment to facilitate the complete learning process. Here is the most feasible cost is said to greatly affect the quality of education. Instead of expensive costs to improve the quality of education through various programs that relied on outside the school.

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