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Dew on Leaf Clover

Once in a palace, Princess Murasaki was desperately ill, because it was pleased to visit the Queen Akashi. During their conversation, the autumn winds blew, the cloverleaf was rocking, beautiful shimmering evening sun struck. 

Soon Prince Genji came over, he saw the princess was awake and staring at the park.Prince was surprised, and asked, "Duhai Princess are you okay? Glad Did you talk with the Queen?" Murasaki's daughter had touched her heart as saying the prince of love. He also makes a poem which describes itself could not live much longer, like dew on leaf clover is fast disappearing. 

As I watched the trees swaying clover, as will be dropping dew-dew, Prince Genji makes a reply to the poem as he shed tears. With hands held by the Queen, Princess Murasaki ending his short life like dew before the dawn. 

Login or register rahimakumullah, The story above is a Genji monogatari * from Japan.A story depicting the figure of Lady Murasaki who was so short, like dew-dew on leaf clover. In this world, our lives were not like the dew, he disappeared when dawn approaches, it is not possible to change the destiny of who's ahead and who is left behind, because it's all been predestined by Him. 

First (or still?) If we take lectures in mosques and death issues ustadznya way we sometimes grumbling, "Here cleric, lectures merely dead, lha kok diingetin die young anyway. Bo married yet!" Moreover if ustadznya already nakutin-nakutin, "Ntar mattress if it's dead land, caterpillar friend, alone, darkness, blah ... blah ... blah ...," just a scary-scary, so add mumps . In the heart immediately said, "Uh ... ya cleric, reseh banget, pake 'nakut-nakutin again. Auk dark ah!" Usually ustadz-cleric who like talking about the problem of death 'devotees' bit, try if the theme of his talk about marriage, love, and the 'compatriots' can overflow to overhang the building :-) 

Although marriage is one of the Sunnah Prophet Muhammad, but in Islam we are also reminded to always remember death a lot, because intelligent people are those who control themselves and work for life after death. 

Dying is also not her parents wrote it, but it could happen to anyone, whether it's parents, who are still young, even our children. She could happen to the poor destitute, beggars who always raise your hand hoping for mercy, the very rich to 7 derivatives, presidents, kings (including King of chat), to unemployment. Death can also catch a Princess Murasaki, and even his daughter-Ramli, the King of Chat: D (read previous Tausyiah, Si Raja Ramli Chat). 

And death is not something we should hate, because death is like a street encounter with God, and whoever hates to meet him, then God will hate to meet him [Bukhari and Muslim]. We must always be ready when death is on us, and always prepare this in a state blessed by Him. 

According to Said Hawwa in his book Purifying the Soul, a way to remember the death was a heart mengosongkah this dzikrul of everything except death, and the way is to remember his brothers who had preceded. Is not the happiest person is the person who can take lessons from someone else? Even Umar bin Abdul Aziz once said, "Do not you see that you guys every day to prepare people who go and come home to God, you put it on the ground and land use as a pillow by leaving the lovers and disconnected every effort." 

By continuously presenting these thoughts, visiting people who are sick and attending funerals, it is one way dzikrul death. In fact, Ar-Rabi 'ibn Kha Khaitsam digging graves at home and every day he slept in it several times to always remember death. In fact, he said, "If given the death parted from my heart for a moment, surely my heart is broken."Emang sih beautiful world created in the eyes. Adorned with flower gardens are beautiful, the children themselves as entertainers, a beautiful wife, handsome husband, the food of various arts, treasure, throne, etc.. But all of that in the end we will also leave, no one was dragged to the grave but only a shroud to wrap myself this. 

Death is not supposed to be something to be feared, because surely he will come over in due course. And indeed the most important thing is to prepare for this until later it became a beautiful death. Ish Kariman aw mut martyrdom, noble life or martyrdom, according to Sayyid Qutb's message! 

Good luck to live a noble in this world ya akhi wa ukhti fillah, noble human dipandangan dipandangan even more glorious God, until we met a martyr's death. 

And Allaah knows best bishshawab.

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