Rabu, 21 September 2011

True Entertainment, How to Have it?

Sobriety is a condition for their human needs that is filled with faith. People who believe will have a trace of satisfaction with the entertainment in the liver. 

Entertainment The true summit is a calm heart. 
Sobriety is a condition for their human needs filled, namely faith. The faithful will get a satisfaction with the entertainment that leave their mark in the liver. That is, if your heart truly nourished by faith, then the heart will be entertained. This is a true entertainment for people of faith: 

1. Connecting with God in prayer and heard the chanting call to prayer. Messenger of Allah said, "O Bilal, calm us with azanmu." Only with prayer, pious heart was cheered as word of the Prophet: "The cool eye of the world by prayer." Pious hearts of the people entertained with a prayer because they feel as if he were whispering, entirely mixed, pitted and moaning with her lover. Who does not feel comforted when it's shared lover? 

Carry out the commandments of God. When carrying out the commandment of God, the believers will feel comforted kerana orders came from sweetheart. If the governed is the lover, what else would disusah-susahkan? If it's love, the lake of fire will be crossed.Be able to climb the Himalayan peak. People who do not know think they are suffering but actually they are happy. 

Mingling with people. People who have got hibuan true, his manner calm. When hanging out with humans, they entertained and entertaining. Radiated compassion in the face, attitude and said he said. For the faithful, affection in the association gives a very valuable entertainment. He loved and cherished. Conversely, people who do not get a true entertainment into a petulant, vindictive and emotionally. They were not amused and can not be entertained. In relationships, they always hurt others because they are trying to get the 'entertainment' by releasing the existing unrest in his heart. 

Receiving life from God's provision. Believers also felt comforted by the color of life given by God. His heart always put the best with God. It's that never made him feel uneasy. When given a favor, they entertained and they were grateful. Given the distress they are also entertained and their patience. When ill, was given the opportunity to receive forgiveness. Only a sick body, but the heart remains strong and healthy for the remembrance of Allah. When healthy, was given mercy. 

Viewing and contemplating God's creation. Believers will also be entertained by looking at the nature of God's creation. Arises a sense of calm, cheerful and happy to see clean beaches, verdant hills, the sea is choppy and so on. See, hear and think that's enough to feel the beauty of the Creator. 

Instead they are not believers or weak in the faith need outside entertainment very much.Although it has many different types of entertainment are enjoyed, but life is still dull.They are never satisfied because of what they enjoy entertainment just a fake. 
If faith is nourished in the heart, the human does not require a lot of entertainment it is today. They were quite amused to read al-quran, nasheed, songs without musical amusement, bershalawat and other devotions. All that was enough to satisfy the heart. But this does not mean the faithful refuse direct entertainments from the outside. 

For them, beyond the entertainment it is okay to fertilize again for more entertainment from within, namely faith, on condition that he comply with the Shari'a. 
Strains of the holy verses of the Koran, nasyid that glorify God, praise the blessings on the prophet, which smooths a sense of poetry servanthood to God, will surely nourish the faith, the main source of entertainment in the hearts of believers. 

This is the true dividing line between entertainment enjoyed by believers with false amusement amusement of people who do not believe. 
This is the essence of which is still not explicit in the public eye. There are still many who think, if Islam is applied, then the life will be changed to gloomy and glum. There is no joy because they assume that Islam rejected the entertainment. But now, it's already answered that Allah Almighty has provided a true entertainment Nya.Hiburan His servants that can be felt in the world before His servants to enjoy the ultimate entertainment in the afterlife.

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