Minggu, 18 September 2011

Photographing Education Problems

The momentum of National Education Day (Hardiknas) properly filled with activities that revitalize the spirit of developing human resources (HR). Human resources development should be a top priority if you do not want to lose in global competition. Human resource development through education that was done.
IF we agree that education takes place throughout life, education issues involve everyone. In short, education is a basic need of every person from birth to death.

There are many perspectives to capture the dynamics of education. Similarly, there are many views in mapping the crucial issues in education. Some people see it from the standpoint of policy and regulation and planning. Another partial review of aspects of practice. Comprehensive way in photographing the problems are from all facets of education. Including the philosophical aspects of education itself.

However, in the opinion of the writer is simply present at least three fundamental problems in education. First, the problem of opportunity or access to education citizens.That is how every citizen certain rights to obtain access to education.

Second, facilities and infrastructure problems. That is how the readiness and availability of adequate facilities and infrastructure. In addition to basic infrastructure, of course, must also keep abreast of advances in technology. This is important. Because, basically half a world away, the practice of education is also underway. So if we do not participate adjust to technological advances, in the global arena remains behind.

Third, problems related to educators, both in terms of quality and the spread between the regions. The gap that occurs in the area of ​​teacher quality for example, have an impact on the weak competitiveness of graduates of an institution of education compared with other educational institutions. In addition, equity placement educators, both in terms of subject areas and local relevance.

Phenomenon that emerges is the accumulation of education in areas that have been developed (read: urban). The assumption, in urban areas provided a better living facilities. As a result, suburban and remote areas will continue to lag. If so, the issue of equitable distribution of qualified educators associated with the first issue of the right to access quality education for citizens.

Phenomena that arise are not easily generalized to all educational practice. However, we should see the phenomenon as part of the perspective and identify the root causes.Availability of education for example, should find a solution to avoid gaps which are too far away. Likewise, the placement of educators who taught in accordance with the field of study.

Listening to the educational problems are, it would have to throw each other of responsibility. Momentum Hardiknas May 2 this we should make a forum to conduct a thorough review of the implementation of the national education system.

The problem of education is a complex system problems. He interwoven. Issues of quantity and quality of teachers, if you want pulled back, also related to the ability of teachers education institutions, the motivation of educators or prospective educators, government's ability to raise educators become civil servants, and so on.

Description of the problems mentioned above can also be paralleled with the problem of availability of infrastructure, planning, regulation and policy, and so on. Nevertheless, at least by analyzing these three basic problems we can make the means to see clearly the challenges of education.

Until now many educational agenda that must be tilled. The problems facing education is the''homework''all of us. Activities that have been implemented should be evaluated. The result can we make material repairs and improvements.
If education is a requirement (right) per person, can be viewed as a medium for devotion (worship). The right of citizens to receive education other than stipulated in the constitution of the state, should be a starting point in building the nation's unity and ability. Governments have a role and responsibility of the largest. Community can participate through private educational institutions. (*) 

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