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Format Quality Education

In the 100-day program, as expressed a few days ago, Minister of National Education (Mendkikas) M Noah "has decided" to continue to implement the national exams and college entrance exams remove the country. One purpose of holding of national examinations is to improve students' quality standards and national education. If it is a hypothesis, let us try to prove by a qualitative analysis.

One argument is the need for a national exam to improve the quality of national education.
 But what happened? In the exam-national, the main priority is how the value achieved by the students, do not question how the students get that number. In short, the students worked together to gang-raped or cheated to achieve high grades.

Meanwhile, the national exam is also expected to meningkalkan standards of quality students.
 However, the national exam to determine the ability of students only momentary, ie on the day of the exam, and can not comprehensively evaluate the student's ability. Proverbial, the results of national examinations is a "photograph" is not a process to achieve a performance outcome (performance) students.

Issues of mutual aid or cheating is what makes quality standards and national education students is very low.
 This problem is further complicated by the culture of "united we stand divided we fall divorced" In the field, this proverb is translated with tutoring activities together and unite to find problems (leaks) along before the national exam.

In addition, given the spirit of competition does not occur in the national exams, final exams made it difficult national standards of individual students' abilities.
 Relevant national exams when used to measure standards for each of the groups that worked together. Competition in obtaining high scores will be le-
BIH respect rather than earn high marks with mutual cooperation.
 Educators also must be given the understanding that encourages mutual aid activities in a national exam instead of improving standards and quality of students' education A national ", even destroy the national education system itself.

Many ways and means to improve quality standards and national education students, but create a spirit of competition among students

a "highway" to improve quality standards and national education students.
 In addition to the educational infrastructure, students should be given a sense of meaning of competition. One way to improve the quality of national education is to create an atmosphere and spirit of competition in the classroom and in the national final exams.Students should compete in a healthy manner to get a high score.

In a socialization of Law No. 5 / 1999, penu-
lis asked the participants who are generally the lowest educated Sl, "Who is for a student or students have never cheated, please raise your hand."
 As it turned out, not a single hand raised upward, even be answered with a burst of laughter. In fact, it is the culture of mutual aid, and united we stand divided we fall difficult to avoid divorce, and more difficult to introduce a competitive spirit in a particular culture, both in

among students and students.

The author argues that the national exams are not or can not be used as a tool to improve students' quality standards or national education itself.
 Improving the quality of national education students and can be done by applying the credit system in high school / vocational school, as appropriate at the university. Giving figures based on GPA U.lA) can be done from start to finish so that it can be seen during a student's ability to
them in vocational / high school, not only on the day a national day of final exams.

For your information, in the United States (U.S.) there is no national exams, which are "only" a variety of types of tests to get into university or college (undergraduate), for example, SACT, and other types of tests, such as GMAT and GRE for admission S2
 . In addition, about this test so much so that students are not given the opportunity to conduct mutual cooperation. Implementing this test is an independent private institution, rather than the federal government, state government, or a particular university.

According to the opinion of the writer, who needs to be improved is the educational infrastructure in an effort to improve the way or process to achieve maximum results, instead of testing the ability of a moment. The ability of a moment can not be used to determine quality standards and improve the national education students. Penults is a Member of the Commission Working Group

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