Rabu, 21 September 2011

Children Portrait Collection

Friend .....

If yesterday I was furious, upset and depressed. 
If you feel sad, troubled, blue-gray around his heart is a sign pedulianku be around me is an expression after a long terperam and buried.

Prophet said: 'Faith is sometimes up and down', sometimes thin, as thin as silk Dewangga, sometimes strong and sturdy as solid as the Aswan dam, 'Up and down' the Englishman berungkap. 
'But it's faith ...' he said again .. ' here ', then he showed his finger towards the heart. 'Every movement and heart rate into consideration'.

Friend ... let me drift and dissolve with misery. 
Let me criticize, menghujah or scorn.Allow me a moment frowning, pouting and menggurutu.

Let me also with tears, it dries up tears and terevaporasi itself, as in the portrait oretanku about my people, yesterday.


Then I thought ... 
and why I make every bergundah, why should I worry and upset to think that happened dinegeriku crisis?

Is not it better if I sit cross-legged, embrace and love and Hiba pleading to the Creator, exclusively 'tuk me. 
Calculating lafadz dhikr with segment segment point fingers or browse the beads give hundreds or even thousands alhamdah, tahmid & Takbir and wird and prayers.

Or miss the minute and my watch and my knees were Ruku hundreds of cycles. 
Miss the silent night silent night berMunajah to tip. Or spend musyaf menghattam Manuscripts, until the orange tinge of dawn, expect blessings ... Ra'biah like el Adawiah worship and air-uzlah.

Then I closed the meeting will scream my ear drums of groaned orphans & widows. 
Dad groaned poor kid in the capital and other big city living on the edge of the gutter, or dikolong dipinggiran railroad bridge or temporary residence dibarak barracks.

Children in the capital

Needless to eliminate hunger pains, they are, kid kid forced to stand every red light, looked up, body and face dull and opaque bathed in blazing sun, dust and noise of the engine whistle. 
Among OJEG, bajaj, Kopaja, public transportation, taxis, Volvo, Babybenz, BMW and even a Rolls Royce. That is where they are, disimpangan road between Brass, Jewel-Pasar Minggu, Petamburan-Palmerah, Tanah Abang, until there is no fear tertumbur. While no longer traffic policeman scolded them, solely focused on the offender, thinking two or three weeks ahead of haris they passed.

Children archipelago has been forged by the harsh and violent conditions, crushed by poverty, while parents trapped by debt or debt of gratitude to neighbors and relatives, they are deprived of future expectations. 
Today is 'now'.

Or the boy berpeci taqwa nenteng charity box in the hall market hall, menjegat every shopper, pleading compassion in a low voice. 
Then I asked: 'who hold the key to this box? " Ustad pack''or chaplain in a nursing bu '. Or they clustered ditumpukan bushes, looking for food scraps bersamaa cats, dogs and birds ...

Should not they be in school, dibangku, scavenge science. 
Or playing football, playing marbles or swim or play hide. Are not they entitled to education and learning and protection? Are not their laws to ensure dicerdaskan?

Oh no ... their childhood childhood stripped, deprived & crashing. 
Even many of those displaced, losing everything. Is there any thought about the future of the nation the next twenty years? Bebalkah generation is being created? Generation premankah are we prepared?

What have we done

But my best friend ... ta'kan drift and dissolve with tears stained the 'it boils down to despair or meaninglessness's nothing, nil. 
Wheezing and complained kesahku has happened uapkan, upset and gundahpun liberated.

It's sad I had ducked, ... 
yesterday. Has now vanished and the flash of bright light has been unfold pekatnya clouds, pushed and popped behind the clouds kelamnya turmoil.

No order if we only proficient menghujjah, complain, swear on a system that has been diciptapaten during tigapuluhdua years, until the system had been embedded and grounded in common dikomunitas to the motto: 'Sin is our responsibility rame rame, go to hell just the same' even legalized, 
and never alone, interdependent, and latches until now become a cultural and opium.

Do not miss and the dream will be born and the present generation of reliable future fifteen or twenty years?

Then What?

Then ... I was with my friend stood ditepian a harbor dock. 
It seems a small river craft of the middle anchor lay side by side, filling the charge. With a desperate shame full we walked up the stairs stairs knocking the Big Dipper, I met the captain and amier ago I said that we were going on a land of chaos. Inviting me to empathize, 'tuk would pass and refused to pay a visit and set aside part of its cargo to our brothers who terdzalimi.

'Ustadzah ukhti .. too much of your land, not the news we heard was chaos dinegerimu mediated' I stare wistfully, liurku swallow water. 
Bitter. We were ignored. Still have not given up hope, again knocked on the Big Dipper other giants. Same. Oh, they even joke ... 'hah how is it possible ... rich and fertile land like a piece of syurga, where perhaps they are hungry and stranded, which dinegerimu brethren? " Stuck my neck, I ran out of oxygen.

Kuadukan my disappointment at the al-Mulk, 'Oh Lord help us, we make it easy affair. 
Is not promise 'that if we help people and you will help us, I and we could not' I stumbled tiredly walk to knock on every owner who has a caring heart. I tried to knock conscience also remains the same as my brother bershahadah, same ... ignored: 'That's not our duty, the damage was very big, impossible, impossible! "

We remain adamant.

My testimony will face weld face full of anxiety that has been robbed izzahnya Hiba, or mother's mother with a swollen-faced widow grains are always tears welled up in each corner of their eyes, there is anguish that tercuat.Yang increasingly sore nan bias on my mind, until the birth of a 

No choice then we have made a small river craft capitalize magnanimity, paved with monotheism, we arrange the wood wood glued with ukhuwah fillah, hammer determenasi we dentamkan the friend that knows no age limit either, color, nation ... we stretcher this crisis as 
problems and even the Big Dipper that people we have launched a broad and loose dibahari not know the edge. This Big Dipper ... now menyauk and scavenge fish large and small, pukatpun we throw, we increasingly wide networks expand as far as we can.

Then we sebrangkan to a group of islands archipelago until our children can come back holding a pencil, carrying a bag rakzak Teli Tobi pictorial or Power Ranger. 
Restore his rights as a human being, restore izzahnya as Muslims, to the anxiety and trauma of the lattice grid was eroded their hearts, slowly but surely kelakon.

Obstacles and sharp rocks and gets in the merintang inevitably, come insistent, but we went through even though we we almost wrecked slammed aground. We realize ini.Kami still anticipate, the day after tomorrow may be even more awesome. Expect for the worse. Because this is so the way to blessing of God is not free from hurdles and kalungan thorns and mines. Moderate kalungan Day roses we expect retaliation later.How about you? Have to make the Big Dipper or the wagon?

Dew on Leaf Clover

Once in a palace, Princess Murasaki was desperately ill, because it was pleased to visit the Queen Akashi. During their conversation, the autumn winds blew, the cloverleaf was rocking, beautiful shimmering evening sun struck. 

Soon Prince Genji came over, he saw the princess was awake and staring at the park.Prince was surprised, and asked, "Duhai Princess are you okay? Glad Did you talk with the Queen?" Murasaki's daughter had touched her heart as saying the prince of love. He also makes a poem which describes itself could not live much longer, like dew on leaf clover is fast disappearing. 

As I watched the trees swaying clover, as will be dropping dew-dew, Prince Genji makes a reply to the poem as he shed tears. With hands held by the Queen, Princess Murasaki ending his short life like dew before the dawn. 

Login or register rahimakumullah, The story above is a Genji monogatari * from Japan.A story depicting the figure of Lady Murasaki who was so short, like dew-dew on leaf clover. In this world, our lives were not like the dew, he disappeared when dawn approaches, it is not possible to change the destiny of who's ahead and who is left behind, because it's all been predestined by Him. 

First (or still?) If we take lectures in mosques and death issues ustadznya way we sometimes grumbling, "Here cleric, lectures merely dead, lha kok diingetin die young anyway. Bo married yet!" Moreover if ustadznya already nakutin-nakutin, "Ntar mattress if it's dead land, caterpillar friend, alone, darkness, blah ... blah ... blah ...," just a scary-scary, so add mumps . In the heart immediately said, "Uh ... ya cleric, reseh banget, pake 'nakut-nakutin again. Auk dark ah!" Usually ustadz-cleric who like talking about the problem of death 'devotees' bit, try if the theme of his talk about marriage, love, and the 'compatriots' can overflow to overhang the building :-) 

Although marriage is one of the Sunnah Prophet Muhammad, but in Islam we are also reminded to always remember death a lot, because intelligent people are those who control themselves and work for life after death. 

Dying is also not her parents wrote it, but it could happen to anyone, whether it's parents, who are still young, even our children. She could happen to the poor destitute, beggars who always raise your hand hoping for mercy, the very rich to 7 derivatives, presidents, kings (including King of chat), to unemployment. Death can also catch a Princess Murasaki, and even his daughter-Ramli, the King of Chat: D (read previous Tausyiah, Si Raja Ramli Chat). 

And death is not something we should hate, because death is like a street encounter with God, and whoever hates to meet him, then God will hate to meet him [Bukhari and Muslim]. We must always be ready when death is on us, and always prepare this in a state blessed by Him. 

According to Said Hawwa in his book Purifying the Soul, a way to remember the death was a heart mengosongkah this dzikrul of everything except death, and the way is to remember his brothers who had preceded. Is not the happiest person is the person who can take lessons from someone else? Even Umar bin Abdul Aziz once said, "Do not you see that you guys every day to prepare people who go and come home to God, you put it on the ground and land use as a pillow by leaving the lovers and disconnected every effort." 

By continuously presenting these thoughts, visiting people who are sick and attending funerals, it is one way dzikrul death. In fact, Ar-Rabi 'ibn Kha Khaitsam digging graves at home and every day he slept in it several times to always remember death. In fact, he said, "If given the death parted from my heart for a moment, surely my heart is broken."Emang sih beautiful world created in the eyes. Adorned with flower gardens are beautiful, the children themselves as entertainers, a beautiful wife, handsome husband, the food of various arts, treasure, throne, etc.. But all of that in the end we will also leave, no one was dragged to the grave but only a shroud to wrap myself this. 

Death is not supposed to be something to be feared, because surely he will come over in due course. And indeed the most important thing is to prepare for this until later it became a beautiful death. Ish Kariman aw mut martyrdom, noble life or martyrdom, according to Sayyid Qutb's message! 

Good luck to live a noble in this world ya akhi wa ukhti fillah, noble human dipandangan dipandangan even more glorious God, until we met a martyr's death. 

And Allaah knows best bishshawab.

True Entertainment, How to Have it?

Sobriety is a condition for their human needs that is filled with faith. People who believe will have a trace of satisfaction with the entertainment in the liver. 

Entertainment The true summit is a calm heart. 
Sobriety is a condition for their human needs filled, namely faith. The faithful will get a satisfaction with the entertainment that leave their mark in the liver. That is, if your heart truly nourished by faith, then the heart will be entertained. This is a true entertainment for people of faith: 

1. Connecting with God in prayer and heard the chanting call to prayer. Messenger of Allah said, "O Bilal, calm us with azanmu." Only with prayer, pious heart was cheered as word of the Prophet: "The cool eye of the world by prayer." Pious hearts of the people entertained with a prayer because they feel as if he were whispering, entirely mixed, pitted and moaning with her lover. Who does not feel comforted when it's shared lover? 

Carry out the commandments of God. When carrying out the commandment of God, the believers will feel comforted kerana orders came from sweetheart. If the governed is the lover, what else would disusah-susahkan? If it's love, the lake of fire will be crossed.Be able to climb the Himalayan peak. People who do not know think they are suffering but actually they are happy. 

Mingling with people. People who have got hibuan true, his manner calm. When hanging out with humans, they entertained and entertaining. Radiated compassion in the face, attitude and said he said. For the faithful, affection in the association gives a very valuable entertainment. He loved and cherished. Conversely, people who do not get a true entertainment into a petulant, vindictive and emotionally. They were not amused and can not be entertained. In relationships, they always hurt others because they are trying to get the 'entertainment' by releasing the existing unrest in his heart. 

Receiving life from God's provision. Believers also felt comforted by the color of life given by God. His heart always put the best with God. It's that never made him feel uneasy. When given a favor, they entertained and they were grateful. Given the distress they are also entertained and their patience. When ill, was given the opportunity to receive forgiveness. Only a sick body, but the heart remains strong and healthy for the remembrance of Allah. When healthy, was given mercy. 

Viewing and contemplating God's creation. Believers will also be entertained by looking at the nature of God's creation. Arises a sense of calm, cheerful and happy to see clean beaches, verdant hills, the sea is choppy and so on. See, hear and think that's enough to feel the beauty of the Creator. 

Instead they are not believers or weak in the faith need outside entertainment very much.Although it has many different types of entertainment are enjoyed, but life is still dull.They are never satisfied because of what they enjoy entertainment just a fake. 
If faith is nourished in the heart, the human does not require a lot of entertainment it is today. They were quite amused to read al-quran, nasheed, songs without musical amusement, bershalawat and other devotions. All that was enough to satisfy the heart. But this does not mean the faithful refuse direct entertainments from the outside. 

For them, beyond the entertainment it is okay to fertilize again for more entertainment from within, namely faith, on condition that he comply with the Shari'a. 
Strains of the holy verses of the Koran, nasyid that glorify God, praise the blessings on the prophet, which smooths a sense of poetry servanthood to God, will surely nourish the faith, the main source of entertainment in the hearts of believers. 

This is the true dividing line between entertainment enjoyed by believers with false amusement amusement of people who do not believe. 
This is the essence of which is still not explicit in the public eye. There are still many who think, if Islam is applied, then the life will be changed to gloomy and glum. There is no joy because they assume that Islam rejected the entertainment. But now, it's already answered that Allah Almighty has provided a true entertainment Nya.Hiburan His servants that can be felt in the world before His servants to enjoy the ultimate entertainment in the afterlife.

When I Fall In Love

I asked permission Allahu Rabbi
Next time I fall in love
Do not let your love for reduced
Up to neglect the existence make thee

Allahu Rabbi
I have begged
Next time I fall in love
Fill my heart with Thy love numbers infinite
Let rasaku in thee remain intact

Allahu Rabbi
Allow a time when I fell in love
Chose me someone whose heart is filled with
Your love
and made ​​me even more admire Thy

Allahu Rabbi
Next time I fall in love
our Pertemukanlah
Give us a chance to be more love-thy

Allahu Rabbi
Latter is the case pleaded kujatuh liver
You're Never palingkan thy face from me
Grant me Thy love ...
Love that never faded by time




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Minggu, 18 September 2011

Photographing Education Problems

The momentum of National Education Day (Hardiknas) properly filled with activities that revitalize the spirit of developing human resources (HR). Human resources development should be a top priority if you do not want to lose in global competition. Human resource development through education that was done.
IF we agree that education takes place throughout life, education issues involve everyone. In short, education is a basic need of every person from birth to death.

There are many perspectives to capture the dynamics of education. Similarly, there are many views in mapping the crucial issues in education. Some people see it from the standpoint of policy and regulation and planning. Another partial review of aspects of practice. Comprehensive way in photographing the problems are from all facets of education. Including the philosophical aspects of education itself.

However, in the opinion of the writer is simply present at least three fundamental problems in education. First, the problem of opportunity or access to education citizens.That is how every citizen certain rights to obtain access to education.

Second, facilities and infrastructure problems. That is how the readiness and availability of adequate facilities and infrastructure. In addition to basic infrastructure, of course, must also keep abreast of advances in technology. This is important. Because, basically half a world away, the practice of education is also underway. So if we do not participate adjust to technological advances, in the global arena remains behind.

Third, problems related to educators, both in terms of quality and the spread between the regions. The gap that occurs in the area of ​​teacher quality for example, have an impact on the weak competitiveness of graduates of an institution of education compared with other educational institutions. In addition, equity placement educators, both in terms of subject areas and local relevance.

Phenomenon that emerges is the accumulation of education in areas that have been developed (read: urban). The assumption, in urban areas provided a better living facilities. As a result, suburban and remote areas will continue to lag. If so, the issue of equitable distribution of qualified educators associated with the first issue of the right to access quality education for citizens.

Phenomena that arise are not easily generalized to all educational practice. However, we should see the phenomenon as part of the perspective and identify the root causes.Availability of education for example, should find a solution to avoid gaps which are too far away. Likewise, the placement of educators who taught in accordance with the field of study.

Listening to the educational problems are, it would have to throw each other of responsibility. Momentum Hardiknas May 2 this we should make a forum to conduct a thorough review of the implementation of the national education system.

The problem of education is a complex system problems. He interwoven. Issues of quantity and quality of teachers, if you want pulled back, also related to the ability of teachers education institutions, the motivation of educators or prospective educators, government's ability to raise educators become civil servants, and so on.

Description of the problems mentioned above can also be paralleled with the problem of availability of infrastructure, planning, regulation and policy, and so on. Nevertheless, at least by analyzing these three basic problems we can make the means to see clearly the challenges of education.

Until now many educational agenda that must be tilled. The problems facing education is the''homework''all of us. Activities that have been implemented should be evaluated. The result can we make material repairs and improvements.
If education is a requirement (right) per person, can be viewed as a medium for devotion (worship). The right of citizens to receive education other than stipulated in the constitution of the state, should be a starting point in building the nation's unity and ability. Governments have a role and responsibility of the largest. Community can participate through private educational institutions. (*) 

Format Quality Education

In the 100-day program, as expressed a few days ago, Minister of National Education (Mendkikas) M Noah "has decided" to continue to implement the national exams and college entrance exams remove the country. One purpose of holding of national examinations is to improve students' quality standards and national education. If it is a hypothesis, let us try to prove by a qualitative analysis.

One argument is the need for a national exam to improve the quality of national education.
 But what happened? In the exam-national, the main priority is how the value achieved by the students, do not question how the students get that number. In short, the students worked together to gang-raped or cheated to achieve high grades.

Meanwhile, the national exam is also expected to meningkalkan standards of quality students.
 However, the national exam to determine the ability of students only momentary, ie on the day of the exam, and can not comprehensively evaluate the student's ability. Proverbial, the results of national examinations is a "photograph" is not a process to achieve a performance outcome (performance) students.

Issues of mutual aid or cheating is what makes quality standards and national education students is very low.
 This problem is further complicated by the culture of "united we stand divided we fall divorced" In the field, this proverb is translated with tutoring activities together and unite to find problems (leaks) along before the national exam.

In addition, given the spirit of competition does not occur in the national exams, final exams made it difficult national standards of individual students' abilities.
 Relevant national exams when used to measure standards for each of the groups that worked together. Competition in obtaining high scores will be le-
BIH respect rather than earn high marks with mutual cooperation.
 Educators also must be given the understanding that encourages mutual aid activities in a national exam instead of improving standards and quality of students' education A national ", even destroy the national education system itself.

Many ways and means to improve quality standards and national education students, but create a spirit of competition among students

a "highway" to improve quality standards and national education students.
 In addition to the educational infrastructure, students should be given a sense of meaning of competition. One way to improve the quality of national education is to create an atmosphere and spirit of competition in the classroom and in the national final exams.Students should compete in a healthy manner to get a high score.

In a socialization of Law No. 5 / 1999, penu-
lis asked the participants who are generally the lowest educated Sl, "Who is for a student or students have never cheated, please raise your hand."
 As it turned out, not a single hand raised upward, even be answered with a burst of laughter. In fact, it is the culture of mutual aid, and united we stand divided we fall difficult to avoid divorce, and more difficult to introduce a competitive spirit in a particular culture, both in

among students and students.

The author argues that the national exams are not or can not be used as a tool to improve students' quality standards or national education itself.
 Improving the quality of national education students and can be done by applying the credit system in high school / vocational school, as appropriate at the university. Giving figures based on GPA U.lA) can be done from start to finish so that it can be seen during a student's ability to
them in vocational / high school, not only on the day a national day of final exams.

For your information, in the United States (U.S.) there is no national exams, which are "only" a variety of types of tests to get into university or college (undergraduate), for example, SACT, and other types of tests, such as GMAT and GRE for admission S2
 . In addition, about this test so much so that students are not given the opportunity to conduct mutual cooperation. Implementing this test is an independent private institution, rather than the federal government, state government, or a particular university.

According to the opinion of the writer, who needs to be improved is the educational infrastructure in an effort to improve the way or process to achieve maximum results, instead of testing the ability of a moment. The ability of a moment can not be used to determine quality standards and improve the national education students. Penults is a Member of the Commission Working Group