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Introduction: The mission of the New Teacher 

The development community needs for qualified human resources are slowly but surely increasing from year to year. This is in line with the development of the world demands of work not only requires human resources oriented to the needs of industry. HR is needed now is human resources that have superior competence, especially in terms of thinking ability. Thus HR needs right now is human resources oriented to the mind works. 

In line with these needs pergerseran, restructuring of education should be conducted.Education is not directed only in the printing industry labor for labor but also optimize the ability to think in carrying out his job. This means that education should be directed at efforts to create a situation so that students can learn and have the ability to think high phases. In order to achieve the above functions, the current educational efforts should emphasize the establishment of competence to students who at once means that must also be accompanied by radical changes in teaching culture at this time. 

The above conditions indicate that the teachers in carrying out the mission of creating a graduate education changed only for the industrial world into graduates who are ready to face a job that promotes higher-order thinking skills. This means that teachers are required to be able to prepare all students to have the thinking skills that include the ability to find problems, discover, integrate, and synthesize information, create new solutions, and develop skills of students in independent study and work in groups. 
Thus, teachers must actually be able to find ways to encourage and develop the fulfillment of all the needs of students based on their potential. Without this effort will be difficult to create graduates who are armed with high-level thinking skills. 

To be able to run his new mission, the teacher must truly understand the cognition and a variety of different ways of learning. Teachers must also understand the development of students and pedagogical concepts as they master the learning material and the use of alternative assessments to measure student learning outcomes. Thus the teacher should be able to place the various substances different experiences of learning, language and cultural differences, learning styles, talents, and intelligence as a basis for implementing various teaching strategies chosen. 
Based on the above conditions, the learning must be implemented on the basis of what students know and can do as well as how students think and learn and to align learning with the required performance in line with the needs of individual students. Given this reality, it is clear teachers should really have superior characteristics so that he will be able to implement its new mission in the educational process. The creation of this pre-eminent teacher characteristics must be done either at the time of teachers and teacher training to take the education process at the time he was carrying out his job as educators. 

Build Quality Teacher Education Program 

The need for qualified teachers of the higher current must be positively addressed by the management of teacher education. This positive response should be indicated by constantly improving the quality of educational programs it offers. Improvement of education quality in higher education will clearly bring a positive impact on the creation of qualified teachers later in life. 

To be able to create a quality teacher education, based on several studies of Darling-Hammond. and Bransford (Ed.) (2005: 394) states that at least there are three important elements in the design of teacher education programs should be improved (made different from current conditions). These three elements are as follows. 
The content of teacher education, with regard to the material that must be given to the students, how to give it, how to combine various materials so that meaningful, as well as how the expansion so that students have a cognitive map that will help them see the relationship between teacher knowledge domains to its use in a practical way in field to encourage students to learn. 
Learning process, with regard to the preparation of curricula in line with the readiness of students and fundamental to the practical learning materials and processes that can lead to student understanding through active creativity in the classroom. 
Learning context, with regard to the creation of contextual learning process in order to develop practical skills of students. Learning context should be applied in both domains as well as teaching materials through professional learning communities (schools). 

Sekait with the opinion above, Lang and Evans (2006: 3) more clearly states that the creation of quality educational programs can be based on the essentials of teacher education programs as follows. 
Keberartian theory with practical experience. 
Cooperation between universities and other education communities. 
Theory and practical in generic skills and reflection and discussion about the effectiveness of these skills. 
Giving emphasis on the process students learn how to enhance creativity and critical thinking skills. 
Ability to organize learning. 
Application of constructivist approach to learning. 
The application of alternative assessment and the theory of motivation. 
Building a research-based professionalism. 
Under both views, the quality education programs in teacher education programs dasarnnya are constantly considering what questions to learn what teachers and teachers can do. What questions should be studied teacher education programs will encourage teachers always teach the contextual material to the students. Contextual material is of course not only presented but presented in a practical theory that the prospective teachers are able to get two at once experience the concepts and practical.In other words, it can be said teacher education programs should be able to educate prospective teachers in learning the basic assumptions about the practical concept in practice. 
The second question about what teachers can do to encourage the implementation of teacher education programs lead to the excavation of the potential and needs of the students adapted to real conditions the performance of teachers in the field. Thus, teacher education programs will continue to focus on the creation of hard skills and soft skills that teachers should possess. This means that teacher education programs should be able to provide professional skills to graduates while creating graduates who have higher thinking skills that will be very useful to develop professionalism when they have to be a teacher someday. Therefore, the implementation of the education process in teacher education programs should be directed at efforts to introduce and play the students as a teacher while he took his studies. 
Quality teacher education programs is not the teacher education program that provides knowledge of various models and learning strategies to students but are able to apply various models and strategies to students so that students acquire theoretical concepts and application images at once. Through actual experience, the complaints of teachers' ignorance of the various models and learning strategies as well as the inability of teachers to implement various models and strategies will be able ditepiskan. In addition, by applying various models and strategies directly to students, students will increase creativity and prospective teachers will understand that the teacher is basically an attempt to always be a professional learner. 
Professional development of teacher education which can also be formed through improved research-based learning process. This means that from the beginning the students should have been invited to conduct a simple research on each course.Through this kind of learning style, prospective teachers are expected to be able to find an actual teacher esesi simultaneously build their competence to carry out skilled future research when they become teachers. In addition, research-based learning can also be interpreted to mean that the learning process is conducted in universities is always based on the latest research results in line with the scientific vision and market signals so that graduates will have a number of skills that is really needed in the field. 

In the end, the creation of a quality educational program will rely heavily on the quality awareness of the managers. Sekait with this, the managers of institutions of higher education teacher training is based on the educational process should run clear quality assurance. The teacher education program managers are required to afford providing excellent service to students so that the entire program is performing students to be able to deliver quality human resources. In addition, the impact of this will bother the quality of leads also to the public trust in the teacher education institutions so that keberlangsung teacher education programs will be assured in the future. 

Teachers Building Capability 

Development of qualified teachers to support the establishment of a quality education is not limited to bergatung on teacher education programs which he passes. Development of teacher quality is actually located on the willingness and ability of teachers to develop themselves when they have occupied the professorship. In other words, the construction quality of teachers is also on building teacher capability itself. 
At least five capabilities that must be continuously developed in order to develop quality teachers (Darling-Hammond. et.al., 1999; Nicholss, G., 2002, and Lang and Evans, 2006). The five capabilities can be described as follows. 
The first capability should continue to build teachers' content knowledge he is taught.This capability relates to the ability of teachers to continue to develop themselves by improving mastery of content knowledge is continuously so that its knowledge will be constantly evolving and up-to-date. This capability is also related to the ability of teachers in understanding the applicable curriculum so that the learning process is implemented completely oriented to the new curriculum. In addition, this capability is closely related to the ability of teachers to constantly think critically interpret any teaching materials that will be able to broaden students' knowledge and that knowledge is able to restructure in line with the potentials and needs of students. Through the development of this capability is clear figure of qualified teachers is not a mere dream. 
The second capability is the level of conceptualization. This capability relates to the ability of teachers to identify areas of her development so that teachers will be able to continually improve its competence. This capability jug associated also with the ability of teachers in applying concepts and creative ideas in each of the learning process.Furthermore, this capability requires the ability to create a design teacher professional development plan itself appropriately and effective teacher. Through the design plans are made teacher professional development, teachers will be able to plan the various activities of self-development so that myth is the individual teacher will tertepiskan static.
The third capability is related to the ability of teachers in implementing the learning process. Teachers who are capable teachers who always choose the approach, models, methods, and techniques appropriate to the learning material and student characteristics. Through the selection of appropriate learning strategies of teachers is further expected to manage the classroom so that various learning objectives that are set to be achieved. In line with this reality, the teacher must continuously improve his knowledge of current teaching strategies so that teachers, not only use one type of learning strategies. 
The fourth capability is interpersonal communication. This capability relates to the ability of teachers to establish communication with students so that teachers will truly understand the characteristics of students and know the needs of students. Besides the ability to communicate with students, this capability with respect to the ability of teachers to communicate with all elements of the school and parents. Through various types of communication are teachers expected to play an important role in scoring the winning graduates. 
Last capability is the ego. These capabilities relate to the business of knowing oneself and the effort to build self responsibility to the environment. This means that capable teachers are teachers who pay attention to yourself and others, respond to any form of positive feedback she received, be objective, helping others to develop, positive thinking, and constantly improve self-esteem. Through the construction of the fifth capability is expected teachers will be able to reflect on themselves so that competency will be constantly evolving. 
A variety of capabilities that have been put forward is, in principle, an area of ​​teacher development that must be continuously developed. Through ownership and development capabilities of the fifth, the teacher will be able to have the technical capability to implement the learning, decision-making capabilities, and ability to critically reflect on their performance as a tangible figure of qualified teachers. 

Brought Teachers as Researchers 

Another aspect which is important in order to build the quality of teachers is an attempt to realize the teacher as researcher. This is consistent with the fact that teachers must be able to reflect themselves and their performance. Through this effort the teacher will know kekuranganya and well able to fix it. Furthermore, research conducted through the teacher, learning will be implemented more effectively and efficiently in order to achieve educational goals have been set. 
The question is what kind of research is suitable for teachers? This type of research would be perfectly appropriate course is classroom action research. As we have seen that the class action research is essentially research done to improve the professionalism of teachers. This research study focuses on the practical learning activities that teachers do in performing their duties keseharianya. Thus, through the study of teachers will be consciously and continuously analyzing the weaknesses of the implementation of learning and improve it by implementing various corrective actions. 

Implementation of research in the classroom is an effort to improve the quality of educators to solve problems encountered when performing their duties will have a positive impact double. First, the increased ability to solve problems of education and real learning. Second, improving the quality of the content, inputs, processes, and learning outcomes. Third, increased professionalism of educators. Fourth, the application of research-based learning principles. 

Based on the above, it is clear that the realization of the teacher as the study is basically an attempt to increase the professionalism of teachers sepajang career. Further research is done through a procedure, teachers can develop professional knowledge so hopefully the teacher will be able membanggun knowledge independently. Finally, teachers in schools will be expected to be rich with knowledge, experience, and skills.Thus it is clear that the figure of the teacher is a figure of qualified teachers who will support the establishment of a quality education. 


Quality education will not be realized without a qualified teacher. In line with this fact, initial efforts should be made to realize the quality of education is to improve the quality of teachers. Through improving the quality of teachers, teachers will be able to develop the quality of learning is performing. 
Improved quality of learning will have an impact on improving the quality of graduates. Eventually ownership of the character of an effective teacher will have an impact on improving the quality of education. Through quality teachers, quality education is not a necessity. Hopefully. 

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