Rabu, 21 September 2011

Children Portrait Collection

Friend .....

If yesterday I was furious, upset and depressed. 
If you feel sad, troubled, blue-gray around his heart is a sign pedulianku be around me is an expression after a long terperam and buried.

Prophet said: 'Faith is sometimes up and down', sometimes thin, as thin as silk Dewangga, sometimes strong and sturdy as solid as the Aswan dam, 'Up and down' the Englishman berungkap. 
'But it's faith ...' he said again .. ' here ', then he showed his finger towards the heart. 'Every movement and heart rate into consideration'.

Friend ... let me drift and dissolve with misery. 
Let me criticize, menghujah or scorn.Allow me a moment frowning, pouting and menggurutu.

Let me also with tears, it dries up tears and terevaporasi itself, as in the portrait oretanku about my people, yesterday.


Then I thought ... 
and why I make every bergundah, why should I worry and upset to think that happened dinegeriku crisis?

Is not it better if I sit cross-legged, embrace and love and Hiba pleading to the Creator, exclusively 'tuk me. 
Calculating lafadz dhikr with segment segment point fingers or browse the beads give hundreds or even thousands alhamdah, tahmid & Takbir and wird and prayers.

Or miss the minute and my watch and my knees were Ruku hundreds of cycles. 
Miss the silent night silent night berMunajah to tip. Or spend musyaf menghattam Manuscripts, until the orange tinge of dawn, expect blessings ... Ra'biah like el Adawiah worship and air-uzlah.

Then I closed the meeting will scream my ear drums of groaned orphans & widows. 
Dad groaned poor kid in the capital and other big city living on the edge of the gutter, or dikolong dipinggiran railroad bridge or temporary residence dibarak barracks.

Children in the capital

Needless to eliminate hunger pains, they are, kid kid forced to stand every red light, looked up, body and face dull and opaque bathed in blazing sun, dust and noise of the engine whistle. 
Among OJEG, bajaj, Kopaja, public transportation, taxis, Volvo, Babybenz, BMW and even a Rolls Royce. That is where they are, disimpangan road between Brass, Jewel-Pasar Minggu, Petamburan-Palmerah, Tanah Abang, until there is no fear tertumbur. While no longer traffic policeman scolded them, solely focused on the offender, thinking two or three weeks ahead of haris they passed.

Children archipelago has been forged by the harsh and violent conditions, crushed by poverty, while parents trapped by debt or debt of gratitude to neighbors and relatives, they are deprived of future expectations. 
Today is 'now'.

Or the boy berpeci taqwa nenteng charity box in the hall market hall, menjegat every shopper, pleading compassion in a low voice. 
Then I asked: 'who hold the key to this box? " Ustad pack''or chaplain in a nursing bu '. Or they clustered ditumpukan bushes, looking for food scraps bersamaa cats, dogs and birds ...

Should not they be in school, dibangku, scavenge science. 
Or playing football, playing marbles or swim or play hide. Are not they entitled to education and learning and protection? Are not their laws to ensure dicerdaskan?

Oh no ... their childhood childhood stripped, deprived & crashing. 
Even many of those displaced, losing everything. Is there any thought about the future of the nation the next twenty years? Bebalkah generation is being created? Generation premankah are we prepared?

What have we done

But my best friend ... ta'kan drift and dissolve with tears stained the 'it boils down to despair or meaninglessness's nothing, nil. 
Wheezing and complained kesahku has happened uapkan, upset and gundahpun liberated.

It's sad I had ducked, ... 
yesterday. Has now vanished and the flash of bright light has been unfold pekatnya clouds, pushed and popped behind the clouds kelamnya turmoil.

No order if we only proficient menghujjah, complain, swear on a system that has been diciptapaten during tigapuluhdua years, until the system had been embedded and grounded in common dikomunitas to the motto: 'Sin is our responsibility rame rame, go to hell just the same' even legalized, 
and never alone, interdependent, and latches until now become a cultural and opium.

Do not miss and the dream will be born and the present generation of reliable future fifteen or twenty years?

Then What?

Then ... I was with my friend stood ditepian a harbor dock. 
It seems a small river craft of the middle anchor lay side by side, filling the charge. With a desperate shame full we walked up the stairs stairs knocking the Big Dipper, I met the captain and amier ago I said that we were going on a land of chaos. Inviting me to empathize, 'tuk would pass and refused to pay a visit and set aside part of its cargo to our brothers who terdzalimi.

'Ustadzah ukhti .. too much of your land, not the news we heard was chaos dinegerimu mediated' I stare wistfully, liurku swallow water. 
Bitter. We were ignored. Still have not given up hope, again knocked on the Big Dipper other giants. Same. Oh, they even joke ... 'hah how is it possible ... rich and fertile land like a piece of syurga, where perhaps they are hungry and stranded, which dinegerimu brethren? " Stuck my neck, I ran out of oxygen.

Kuadukan my disappointment at the al-Mulk, 'Oh Lord help us, we make it easy affair. 
Is not promise 'that if we help people and you will help us, I and we could not' I stumbled tiredly walk to knock on every owner who has a caring heart. I tried to knock conscience also remains the same as my brother bershahadah, same ... ignored: 'That's not our duty, the damage was very big, impossible, impossible! "

We remain adamant.

My testimony will face weld face full of anxiety that has been robbed izzahnya Hiba, or mother's mother with a swollen-faced widow grains are always tears welled up in each corner of their eyes, there is anguish that tercuat.Yang increasingly sore nan bias on my mind, until the birth of a 

No choice then we have made a small river craft capitalize magnanimity, paved with monotheism, we arrange the wood wood glued with ukhuwah fillah, hammer determenasi we dentamkan the friend that knows no age limit either, color, nation ... we stretcher this crisis as 
problems and even the Big Dipper that people we have launched a broad and loose dibahari not know the edge. This Big Dipper ... now menyauk and scavenge fish large and small, pukatpun we throw, we increasingly wide networks expand as far as we can.

Then we sebrangkan to a group of islands archipelago until our children can come back holding a pencil, carrying a bag rakzak Teli Tobi pictorial or Power Ranger. 
Restore his rights as a human being, restore izzahnya as Muslims, to the anxiety and trauma of the lattice grid was eroded their hearts, slowly but surely kelakon.

Obstacles and sharp rocks and gets in the merintang inevitably, come insistent, but we went through even though we we almost wrecked slammed aground. We realize ini.Kami still anticipate, the day after tomorrow may be even more awesome. Expect for the worse. Because this is so the way to blessing of God is not free from hurdles and kalungan thorns and mines. Moderate kalungan Day roses we expect retaliation later.How about you? Have to make the Big Dipper or the wagon?

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