Minggu, 18 September 2011

Access to Quality Education is still lame

Access to quality education for most students is still a problem. The main victims of a quality education that is still lame that just the poor who should also enjoy unimpeded access to quality education.

"For access to education can be said not a problem, especially if it is really implemented free education. But that must be considered is the unequal access to quality education, "said Husni Rahim, Chairman of the Movement of Qualified Teachers Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) in an educational seminar 'Improving Education Quality and Equitable Access to Quality Education Indonesia', in Jakarta, Thursday (12 / 6 ).

"The schools are good and can be enjoyed by people seed more capable," said Husni.

Husni also highlighted the significance of quality education that is reduced in its application. Quality of education today is more focused on cognitive aspects. The formation of attitudes and character of students, such as cooperation, respect for other views, the courage to bear the risks, confidence, empathy, or soft skills have not been implemented.

Concerns about unequal access to quality education also asked Abdul Malik, one of the team's success-Wiranto Jusuf Kalla.

"From the studies we've done, it turns out poor children actually burdened cost of higher education, but get a low-quality education services. Many poor people were forced to attend private schools that quality is not adequate, "said Abdul.

Abdul also highlight schools that are divided according to economic ability. For the flagship school, he added, that many enter the rich people.

"This could be a threat to the solidarity of the nation in the future," said Abdul.

Meanwhile, the team's success-Boediono SBY and Megawati, Prabowo no one is present. In fact, in discussions of education is no chance for them to deliver the vision and mission of the presidential and vice presidential candidates about education in Indonesia in 2009-2014.

Meanwhile, S. Hamid Hasan, Education Specialist in Education from University of Indonesia, adding that nine-year basic education is carried out only limited incentive to make the compulsory age children learn to be students at the school.

"But the quality issue that determined many factors are still ignored. And the current government's education policy is unfair because it tasted of students who qualified and not qualified from a national achievement test alone, "said Hamid.

Ginandjar Kartasmita, Chairman of the Regional Representatives Council Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Experts of ICMI, said Indonesia should catch up in education with neighboring countries. For that, the quality of education in their own country should be strengthened.

However, continued Ginanjar, which runs education in general is still referring to the twentieth century education that makes students not ready to face the challenges ahead.

"The education that develops students now must make bold to give answers that change and give priority to the process rather than the correct answer simply," said Ginandjar.

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